Program Line Up

Muskoka Information Radio CIIG- 98.3 FM programming runs in a 10-15 Minute loop that is continously updated throughout the day. Half hour and hour long feature programs run evenings and weekends.

Daily updated 10-15 minute loop

Weather Updates from Environment Canada Continually updated with current and long range forecasts 6 times per hour

Business Report from Skywords Media 7am – Noon and 4pm – 8pm. A wrap-up of business news in Canada and around the world 3 times per hour.

Bank of Canada Exchange Current US money exchange rate updated daily.

About Town Muskoka An updated report daily of Community activities, fund raising events, Farmers Markets and social gatherings in Muskoka.

Arts and Entertainment Muskoka An updated report of theatre, live performances, gallery openings and other related events.

Commuter Life Radio    Daily 1 minute feature from Tim Hern on the current trends on commuting throughout Canada and the world.

Dick Smyth Commentary A daily feature from this award winning and renowned broadcaster and columnist with his views and comments on a wide variety of topics. 3 times per hour.

Golf Minute One minute golf tip daily with Golf Guru Dennis Silvers each hour during golf season.

Historica- A Canadian Minute Historical moments in Canada’s past. Heard every hour.

Horoscope  Forecast report about your life according to your star sign heard twice per hour.

Muskoka History Mystery Interesting historic tidbits about Muskoka people, places and local lore. Once per hour.

Municipal Notes Municipal announcements of waste collection, public meetings and other local government related messages.

Parent Report with Joanne Wilson Daily feature heard once per hour about advice on raising your children.

Queen’s Park Report MPP Norm Miller Reports monthly from Queen’s Park- a message regarding activities relating to Muskoka.

Science and the Sea Amazing feature about sea life and the World below the surface of the sea.

Talkin’ Pets Minute Helpful advice on caring for and enjoy your pet with host Jon Patch.

Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman Feature about today’s consumer technology, gadgets and devices. Twice per hour.

This Day in Canada Historical feature that highlights what happened in Canada on this date.

Time Checks Correct time checks every 8 minutes.

Evening and Weekend Feature Shows

Business of Life Join Jann Arden and Arlene Dickinson every week as they talk about everything; being entrepreneurial, being a mom, a business woman, a songwriter, an author— It’s about being single and trying to figure out how to navigate life while things are changing around you. Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM

Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett - One hour show examining the background and mysteries of conspiracies, paranormal and supernatural claims. Heard every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM. Repeated Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 PM

Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen Brimming with culinary talent and wisdom, Chef Jamie Gwen whips up delicious recipes and culinary delights for television and radio audiences around the globe. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Jamie is a Certified Sommelier,7-Time Cookbook Author, Food Correspondent and Lifestyle Expert who shares recipes, resources and tips to feed your soul and make everyday delicious. Saturday and Sunday at 6 PM. Repeated Thursday at 9 PM

Modgolf Podcast with Colin Weston Colin talks with golf's top influencers, entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors about their vision and solutions to re-imagine, transform and grow the game. The show explores the future of golf through conversations with the visionaries and influencers that are shaking up the sport. Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM (April to November). Repeated Monday at 9 PM

Talkin Pets with Jon Patch Lively, fun conversation about the animals that share our lives. Is your bird losing its feathers? Is your dog digging up the backyard? Maybe your cat is using your favorite chair as a scratching post? Jon can help callers cope with medical and behavioral questions relating to all kinds of domestic animals. Listen, Laugh and learn every week with Talkin' Pets. Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM.

The Menu with Marcus Hippi Monocle Radio’s weekly guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, serveing up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table. Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM

RBC Junior Hockey Magazine with Gino Reda All the news and activities of Junior Hockey around Canada with host Gino Reda. Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM (November to March).

Coming soon:

Fat guys at the Movies Kevin karr hosts and entertaining weekly movie review. What began as a weekly movie review podcast more than 12 years ago, Fat Guys At The Movies is now the most entertaining movie show on radio. Now airing on 110 affiliate stations and growing fast! (Starting September, 2019)

IRL -Online Life is real Life Today’s technology explained with host Manoush Zomorodi sharing real stories of life online and real talk about the future of the Web (Starting September, 2019)

Muskoka News Brief Weekly updates on news around the Muskoka region (Starting September, 2019)

Focus on Muskoka Arts In depth look at the artists and musicians that make up Muskoka life (Starting September, 2019)