MUSKOKA INFORMATION RADIO is like no other, offering people on the move 

24-hour a day access to reliable information, most of it delivered directly from its source. Our information includes current and 5-day weather forecasts, Bank of Canada dollar exchange rates, road conditions, community news and events, local recreational conditions and much much more.

Need to Know information presented in a programming format that is fast-paced and listener friendly. Highway signs, erected by provincial transportation authorities, identify the station frequencies for traveller information. 

Muskoka Information Radio

 Muskoka Information Radio operates a little differently than traditional media, in fact, we're a lot different. We're dedicated to providing timely information to Canadians across the country on a 'you need this information' basis. Information that might be vital to your business, your community, your life. 

When it comes to advertising, well, we do that a little differently too. We don't really have 'ads'. What we have is an opportunity for local and national companies to communicate their support of our goals. Because, when it comes down to it, our goals reflect the needs of Canadians, and the companies that associate with Muskoka Information Radio support our efforts to keep you informed.

If you or your company might like to join us in keeping Muskoka, Canada informed, please contact us. We'd be proud to show you all that we have to offer.

Muskoka Information Radio

Muskoka Information Radio

is committed to providing Canadian travellers with the most relevant, up-to-date information, twenty-four hours a day.